Strategy & Planning

An inspiration leads to a concept, and it develops into a story. We will provide the best solution for your success.

Society has the potential to change with brilliant inspiration and remarkable ideas. However, you have to bring these inspirations and concepts to life in order for them to have any true impact. We will provide complete workflow design, comprehensive campaigns, as well as new business development strategies to lead your business toward success.

Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC)

Integrating various communication methods such as advertising, Public Relations and promotion. IMC can maximise the effectiveness of your communication marketing strategy. Based on our skills in working with the media, and our in-depth knowledge of consumer behaviour, we will draw up plans geared for success.

Marketing & Communication Planning

Our marketing activities include extensive market research that is essential to creating a communication strategy that will reach the heart of the target market. With our background and experience in a wide range of business areas, we have the flexibility and know-how to be able to fulfill almost any request.

Strategic PR Design

We design unique PR strategies to communicate information about specific products or services to engage the public and broaden their understanding and interest. By provoking emotions, we seek to stimulate and influence individual purchasing behaviour.

Strategic Branding

By enhancing the consumer’s perception of a brand’s value, we are able to effectively increase brand visibility and name recognition. Utilising our PR background, we propose branding strategies that will penetrate the entire target market.

Research & Analysis

We obtain and analyse data from various methods, ranging from internet surveys to ethnographic techniques, using the latest technology. Based on the information we gather; we propose the most effective marketing communication strategies to meet your needs.

Social Media Monitoring

We analyse consumer chats and behaviours on social media to utilise them for marketing activities. We design our promotion strategies, not just on trend forecasts and data analysis, but also by keeping track of and referring to the live voices on social media.

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