Public Relations

We separate ourselves from the majority by consistently provoking emotions through our PR work.

Creating a storyboard for product development, developing a thought-provoking message, having close relationship with the media, and creating tie-up campaigns, etc. As new media emerges one after another and daily life habits change, our basic policy remains the same: engaging in PR activities that grip people’s emotions.

Retainer Contract

We propose mid and long term PR activities that generate news that is in line with or slightly ahead of media trends. With Publicist’s planning skills and media connections, we propose various methods to efficiently promote products throughout the year while increasing media recognition.

Press Releases

Taking information that a corporation wants to convey, we transform it into a style that will capture the attention of the media, and release it with just the right timing.

Press Conferences

Our experienced group of specialists will organise the perfect event to garner the desired amount of exposure for that special announcement or occasion. We can utilise our vast network to gather just the right people.

Media Relations

By enhancing the consumer’s perception of a brand’s value, we are able to effectively increase brand visibility and name recognition. Utilising our PR background, we propose branding strategies that will penetrate the entire target market.

PR Events

From our years of experience, we know that a bit of drama can maximise exposure and attention. Whether its by casting well known faces, choosing the perfect location and timing, or adding an element of surprise, we can provide comprehensive support from project planning to event production.

Risk Management

No one wants to have to deal with emergencies, but it’s always best to be prepared for the unexpected. We will help you prepare for the unforeseen event, such as negative publicity, so that your organization can continue to operate with minimal impact on your workflow.

Media Training

Our media training is mainly geared toward staff in an organisation’s PR department, and covers skills that are essential in situations that involve exposure in the media, whether it be press conferences, interviews, or appearances on a TV program. Our training staff will provide background information on the media culture, as well as verbal and body language presentation skills.


Publicist can arrange a symposium program with guest speakers that enhance a corporation’s PR strategy. Ideally, the symposium will also be effective in promoting the corporation’s long term PR activities.

Crisis Management

In the event that an emergency situation has occurred, we can propose the optimal response plan to minimize damage.


A message can be transformed from “just another piece of information” to “an attention grabber” with the right amount of creativity and spice. Our staff will add their magic touch to your organization’s message to ensure that it gets the maximum attention and exposure it deserves.


With our close relationships with various media companies, Publicist can produce effective advertorials to present a client’s product/service in magazines, newspapers, or on the web, all while preserving the client’s perspective and mission.

Investor Relations (IR)

Utilizing our vast experience, we can organize PR activities and events that optimize shareholder and investor relations.

Reputation Management

With our strengths in online advertising and social media, we can maintain and enhance a client’s reputation, its products and services; and if necessary, assist in recovery efforts as well.

Representative Office

We are in a position to act as the PR office/representative on your behalf. Our activities can range from acting as a liaison for PR inquiries to setting up press rooms.

Buzz Marketing

Utilizing digital social media, we can help establish a positive image for products and services virally. Our goal is to plan projects that effectively create a buzz.

Material Production

We are experts in creating and producing PR related materials including press releases, brochures, websites, blogs, e-magazines, press kits, product information packets, images and videos. In combining our creative design ideas with the client’s product, service or message, we are able to significantly boost the impact in the media.

Municipal and Non-Profit Organizations

We have a long history of supporting local governments and non-profit organizations to promote their services and enhance public visibility.

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